AOTS and X-Play: Come to an End...


Earlier this year, G4 TV had announced a restricting to their network. The cable channel that rose to fame via nerd and geek-kind have announced that they are ending their two staple shows (Attack of the Show and X-Play) thus leaving behind such televisions gems like reruns of “Cops” or “Cheaters” (the show that makes “Jerry Springer” look like “Growing Pains”).

Sure there is an argument to be said about the decline in viewership, G4 no longer is the only gun out in the geeky west! With a bevy of the content coming to the web via megasites like GameTrailers or IGN, and much of the people who made G4 truly enjoyable (Kevin Pereira, Olivia Munn, Chris Hardwick, and Adam Sessler to name a few) now have moved on to other endeavors. It’s still truly sad that it’s come to this. G4 is claiming that this is the early phase of the network veering away from the formula it has persisted with and catering to a more “upscale male-audience”. So, methinks Spike TV with less douchebaggery and more bowties?

G4 was the first channel to offer live coverage of conventions and trade shows, from Comic Con to E3, if it was happening they were there. It’s sad to see this network reduced to this, even “X-Play” predates G4 originally appearing on TechTV back in the day.

The network announced that these two flagship shows will continue until the end of the year, thus ending all new episodes in 2013. Our hearts here at LFTDG33k go out to all those who are now facing career uncertainty in the wake of this announcement. Before I leave you… allow me to share two of my favorite “AOTS” moments…

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