Doctor Who Disney Princesses


We have to thank Amy Mebberson for her amazingly cute Doctor Who and Disney Princesses mash up.  This print was available at the recent New York Comic Con 2012 last weekend, and I believe it was ONLY available for NYCC 2012 attendees.  :(  We didn't go, but according to her website, she'll be at Emerald City Comic Con 2013 in Seattle and we will definitely be going to that!! 

Amy loves to do a lot of her art work with Disney princesses and just Disney in general! She's incorporated some MLP in there, but she seems most noted for her cute Disney art.  Her most faved on her deviantart page is a Disney Princesses/Characters pin up! Now that's something you don't see :)

Please click below to enlarge and see the rest of the Disney Princesses as Doctor Who! I don't watch Doctor Who and I wish I had this print!

Dr. Who Princesses

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