Bullet Bill Amigurumi-fied!

Gawd, remember this guy? Besides running into fish underwater, I just never liked these things flying into you. 

So how about making one and throwing it at people?! 

My boyfriend actually had requested for me to make bullet bill. I admit while this was done a long while ago, it was probably the best nerdy project ever to have done on the spot w/o a pattern. 

That's right! THERE IS NO PATTERN FOR THIS... in fact, I don't even remember how to make it >.< All I know is, I did it, and IT WAS GOOD.  It was the first crochet project I had done without using a pattern.  The only thing that was tricky at the time were the arms and making them bend the way they appear.  I would like to make me some goombas next time though...and take a picture with my foot in its FACE.

Sorry, I digress. See more photos of my bullet bill creation below :)