The Flash "Rupture" (REVIEW)

written by Justin Prince (@prince_justin)

After one full episode of powerless Barry Allen… we get another full episode of powerless Barry Allen! Yaaaaaay… that was sarcasm.

I mentioned in the last review how much I didn’t really like this lose power/get power back types of story arcs but they wouldn’t be so bad if they would be resolved by the next episode’s open… not the case here.

After the events of the last episode, Hunter Zolomon gives Caitlin exactly what she wished for… this of course comes with the addendum of subjugating Earth 1 now that this particular Earth is missing one Scarlet Speedster. Back on Earth 1, Barry tackles losing his powers by using sophisticated hologram technology to spook criminals into thinking that the Flash still protects Central City. As far as Barry’s speed goes, Harry devises a plan to give Barry his speed back… but this comes at quite the risk when Harry proposes to recreate the circumstances of gaining his powers in the first place… to once again orchestrate a particle accelerator explosion.

John Wesley Shipp returns as Henry Allen joining Barry’s other father figures (Joe and Harry) as they discuss the best course of action to help Barry. Joe takes a more “damned if ya do damned if ya don’t” stance on this, while he recognizes the risk… he also recognizes that no one on this Earth whether “Green Arrow” or “Legend of Tomorrow" alike can contest with Zoom. Henry strongly opposes this while Harry obviously stands behind it. All three men want the best for Barry but ultimately this was his decision. 

The Barry X Iris love story takes as many steps forward as it does steps back. Iris has been opening up more about her feelings for Barry and while she does tell Barry that her feelings for him won’t change whether he’s Barry Allen or the Flash… I was too busy screaming at the screen at both characters yelling “GDI! JFC! KISS ALREADY!”

Iris and Barry sitting in a tree

Iris and Barry sitting in a tree

As far as the conflict is concerned, the Earth 2 baddie that makes his way to Earth 1 is none other than Dante Ramon’s (Cisco’s bro) evil double Rupture. Intent on avenging the death of his brother Reverb (Cisco’s evil double) he make his way to Earth 1 to unleash all manner of destruction. It isn’t clear if Rupture knows that it was in fact Zoom who killed Reverb or if Zoom lied and told him Cisco did. As the brother’s storyline continued, this served as the strongest part of an otherwise annoyingly slow moving episode.

Dante and Cisco have never been the close type of brothers. After Dante’s run in with Cold and Heatwave, he blames Cisco for the whole ordeal… especially now that playing the piano has become difficult post frostbitten hand. But it was kind of sweet when the two brothers finally let years of resentment fall away. Slightly spoilery… but when Rupture meets his end much in the same way Reverb did… Cisco wraps his arms around his brother and just hugs the guy, I guess seeing your brother die… even the evil double of him… puts certain things into perspective.

Dante Ramon as Rupture

Dante Ramon as Rupture

When Barry finally decides to get his powers back… things don’t go exactly according to plan and poor Wally West and Jesse Wells get caught in the crossfire. Is this how Wally and Jesse gain their speed? In the comics both of them are speedsters with Wally donning the Kid Flash mantle and Jesse as Jesse Quick, yes the same endearing nickname Harry calls her.