Adulting is Hard to Do: Adulthood is a Myth (REVIEW)

written by Justin Prince (@prince_justin)

If you follow the amazing Sarah Andersen on Facebook, I'm sure you've been entertained by her musings of the life and times of a young adult who at times find herself incapable of being able to even...

Her first collection of comics compiles an extensive body of work into a book that entertains on so many levels while staying incredibly relatable to the millennial crowd. Documenting what life is like for adults who can't even deal with the whole adulting thing. Touching on subjects such as saving money, interacting with friends on social media, love and relationships, and even delving to notions of self esteem and loving yourself.

I can’t help but assume that much of Sara Anderson is represented in the title character

As a man who is not in his 20s, you may wonder why I can relate so much to the musings of a woman in her 20s. Though I can't relate to her stories involving uncontrollably geeking out over a cute boy or dealing with Aunt Flo's monthly visit, I can empathize with the themes in many of her comics as well as personally relate to stories about adulthood and how fucking difficult it can be sometimes.

Her comics are fun and give the reader a quick glimpse into this character's world, though she states this isn't "autobiographical... at all" I can't help but assume that much of Sara Anderson is represented in the title character of her Sarah Scribbles comics.

This is a book for anyone who knows just how much of a pain in the ass growing up can be, and one any fan of Sarah Andersen should definitely have on there coffee table... or yaknow... next to the toilet.