Geeking Out, PDX Style: Rose City Comic Con 2016

written Justin Prince (@prince_justin)

The Rose City hosts us again for another Comic Con. We at Lifted Geek have attended RCCC for quite a few years now, in fact, the first year we went was the year we officially recruited our friend and lead photographer Andre Nelson into the fold.

It’s a con with a lot of memories, but also one that continues to impress me every year. I’ve been calling it a little con, but with this past year’s attendance pushing records for RCCC… this ain’t gonna be a little con for long.

Their utilization of floor space improved dramatically. By shifting their panel rooms to the opposite side of where they usually are, the vendor hall was able to grow exponentially. This means, more booths… more art… more comic guests… and overall, more Comic Con. Their kid friendly corner always draws a crowd from the future geeks and their parents. The family friendly nature of the con makes it one of the most accessible cons we go to. Whether you are a a seasoned Comic Con goer, or a nerdy parent looking to toss your spawn head-first into a lifetime of geeky things that are sure to keep your kids too poor to buy drugs… this is the show for you.

While not inherently nerdy, my favorite panel was the one featuring John and Joan Cusack. As a fan of teen films from the 80s, it was a delight to see these two. Say Anything is still my all time favorite teen romance film and I swear I can never turn down a viewing of Pretty in Pink. This panel couldn’t be better… well, maybe if Molly Ringwald showed up, but other than that… perfection.

The two other panels I made it to was the Rocket Jump panel and the Cosplay Contest. The Cosplay Contest is always a staple for any RCCC attendee. Our friend Ani-Mia has been coming to this show for years now, and her presence honestly makes the con feel at home for us at Lifted Geek. Showcasing some of the most creative works from the con-goers, I’m always impressed by the sheer craftsmanship.

Getting to meet Freddie Wong of Rocket Jump and hear them talk about their past and future projects is an inspiration. 

While much of the con was fantastic as per usual, my one complaint is the fact that they are yet to transition this show to a three-day event. RCCC is still only Saturday and Sunday, and while it does the trick for scratching that con-going itch in the Fall; I just wish I had one more day for this show.

For me, cons are about connecting to my fellow geek. Hanging out with our friends and meeting the fans who make Lifted Geek possible. We would be nothing without the geeks who follow our adventures… and shows like RCCC make interacting with them memorable.

An A+ convention and hands down one of my favorites. I’ll keep coming down to the PDX for this show for years to come… let’s just hope they get the hint and add a third day.