Gotham "Worse Than A Crime" (Midseason Finale REVIEW)

written by Omar Castillon (omar_castillon)

Finally, the moment we have all been waiting for has arrived. Bruce in kidnapped by Galavan, Gordon presumed dead but somehow wanted at the same time and Alfred left for dead. Not too bad for a midseason finale episode if I do say so myself. It is nice to see that the story seems to keep a steady pace of things since the midseason finale last year was passable at best. Let’s not waste too much time and jump into the episode. 

We start off with Alfred trying to escape Tabitha and her henchmen as he escapes from being another one of Tabitha’s playthings. Two feelings come to mind, worry and a hint of humor. Mainly because Alfred in trash and then getting piled on with more trash as he evades Tabitha is pretty funny. In all seriousness though, Bruce ends up being in the hands of Galavan as he kidnaps Bruce threatening his life basically. Galavan breaks down why he resents the Wayne family for so many years. It’s knowledge that was mentioned a few episodes ago but it was nice getting a refresher on Galavan’s intentions. This connects with Silver St. Cloud as she is still under the grasp of Galavan’s agenda and trying to prove her worthy of the Dumas family name. 

The Dumas are an interesting bunch since they are blindly obedient to anyone of the Dumas name but are also sort of menacingly dumb. I say this since the entire time any of the monks were on screen they looked like the enemies from Resident Evil 4. Going back to the Silver plot, she is ordered by Galavan to once and for all manipulate Bruce into kissing her and in a sense ending the Wayne family name similar to the way the Waynes did to the Dumas all those years ago. Note that the conversation Silver and Bruce have once they attempt to escape Galavan involves some expositional points. For example, when Silver opens up about her parents being killed, Bruce opens up as well and even tells her that his favorite animal is Owls. And yes, this sort of connects with the whole Court of Owls thing a little bit but it’s still not confirmed yet.

We may see confirmation in the form of Lucius Fox as he finally fixed the hard drive that was destroyed by Alfred early in the season. Sure it was implied that Fox was there the entire time but otherwise he was a welcome edition to the episode. He ends up going to the police and asking questions on the whereabouts of Bruce and Alfred. A few scenes earlier, Alfred was tazed while trying to hitch a ride to find Bruce. This brings back Bullock into the picture as all three characters figure out where Gordon is located. Nygma thankfully helps the trio out and the plan to stop Galavan begins. 

Gordon has been in hiding with Nygma and Penguin the entire time after almost getting killed by Galavan in the previous episode. Leslie worries for Gordon and she tells Gordon that she is pregnant (although because this is a TV show, this might just be the same old excuse they would use so that the protagonist doesn’t do anything crazy. You can see Penguin’s reaction exemplifying that cliché.) With little time to spare, Leslie leaves town. 

The final battle begins with Gordon and his crew against Galavan and his cult. Selina helps out the crew as the infiltrate Galavan’s building. The elaborate confrontation is all kinds of crazy action and Galavan almost getting away with it. In the final moments of the episode Galavan, Penguin and Gordon are out by the docks. You can put together what happens to Galavan after the docks scene. The episode ends with a hint of the second half of the season. I guess you can say its time for you to “chill” out and wait until next year.

Officially I can say that Gotham is doing a great job keeping audiences tuned in to the series this season. I remember dreading some of the episodes in the previous season being so out of place and hard to watch sometimes. This cannot be said for this season since the story definitely focuses on one overall villain that we want to hate instead of a countless amount that we will either love or hate. Tune in next year for more Gotham!