Agent Carter "Time and Tide" (REVIEW)

written by Omar Castillon (@omar_castillon)

Strangers in the night are creeping out to try and take out Peggy Carter. No not really although her detection skills on intruders is pretty damn good in the first few minutes of the episode. We get a glimpse to her new home/apartment complex and how strict the rules are for men in the rooms. Oddly enough this sparks Peggy’s intuition on how to further investigate the whole Leviathan business. If you watched the first two episodes, then you know Leviathan is the big mystery in the mini-series.

Not long after the SSR agents investigate the bumper to Stark’s car do they come in connection with Jarvis at Stark’s estate. Jarvis then gets taken in for questioning and Peggy attempts to cover up the mess as best as she can. During the interrogation Peggy does discover Jarvis’s past in that he was tried for treason and SSR threatening the life of his wife. You can see the worry and disappointment in a way of Peggy realizing that she has to keep her feelings (small or not) from getting in the way of her mission to clear Stark’s name. This further makes Peggy a bit more distant, but then again most double agents have to be in order to keep from getting hurt.

A little bit more sneaking around and we end up going to a rather large crater where Stark used to have the missing supply of weapons. Peggy and Jarvis then come to the conclusion that the weapons were drifted out by boat to a ship close to where the sewer duct connects to the sea. This then leads to a ship with the same symbol as the one where the Leviathan henchmen drew on the ground for Peggy before he bit the dust. Low and behold, the weapons are there but it’s not really the easiest of tasks to really blow the whistle and end up getting scorched by superiors. Peggy really can’t risk it since her peers are still set with her just being a secretary. Jarvis then suggest that the only way to clear Stark’s name is to do it in the shadows. This sounds so awesome to the audience but also ridiculously true for Peggy since it is her mission and she does risk being tried for treason as well. We do get a hilarious interaction between Jarvis’s New York accent and the reactions of both Krzeminski (Kyle Bornheimer) and Sousa (Enver Gjokaj). This does bring on the tip as anonymous but also suspicious. After the discovery of the weapons by the SSR agents, a mysterious stranger and takes out one of the agents as well as the only suspect SSR had a lead on (which Peggy beats up in the most awesomely brutal fashion). By the end of the episode, Peggy ends up opening up a bit more to her friend Angie (Lyndsy Fonseca) after she reluctantly distanced herself from her to keep Angie safe.

That little tidbit of mystery at the end gives way for the next episode to which we will possible find out more about Leviathan and their intensions. This could be Hydra in disguise (which was a plot point in the Captain America sequel) or just another Hydra wannabe. If anything else, this definitely has ties to Stark and Peggy and Jarvis might be the only ones that can stop it. Only five more episodes to go in the mini-series; I’m sure things will heat up a bit more in the next few weeks. Also, if you haven’t watched the first two episodes of Agent Carter, I highly recommend you take time and watch them before watching the third episode.