Doctor Who: Series 8 Episode 5 "Time Heist" (REVIEW)

written by Mackensie Baker (@mackensiebaker)

On Saturday we saw what would happen if the world of Doctor Who took on the plot of Ocean's Twelve. Or to be more accurate, Ocean's Eleven. But all puns aside, Clara and the Doctor, along with some newfound friends, actually made bank-robbing...well, fun.
Team "Not Dead" consisted of an architect, a hacker, a master of disguise, and Clara Oswald, and this ragtag gang actually worked so darn well together that I can't help but hope they bring them back for another wild adventure. Teamwork and group hugs are all very much appreciated.

The episode kicked off with the Doctor nagging at Clara, practically begging her to go looking for trouble with him. Nothing new for the Timelord, though with this we see Clara once again struggle to balance her social life with her secret life of time traveling and sight-seeing through the universe. I am intrigued to see where her leading of two lives leads her in the next episode, "The Caretaker."

Beyond Clara's sideplot, we got some continuity in Twelve's oblivious nature towards all things fashion or makeup, and another comment on his "attack eyebrows." It is interesting to note that Ten is remembered for his overly expressive and inquisitive eyebrows, Eleven for having none, and now Twelve for his sharp, no-nonsense brow. Take from that what you will, I guess, but I like to think it gives us a bit of insight into each Doctor's personality.
There also seem to be themes of self-sacrificing side characters and dealing with emotional (and criminal) guilt. These may be the darker undertones of this season, or they might merely be coincidental. Time will tell...

Yes, it would seem that season eight is really getting back into the swing of things. Some of the first episodes were a little rocky, but first with "Listen" and now "Time Heist," I'm predicting a forecast of quality plotlines and something that looks suspiciously like character development. With so many kinds of secrets being revealed this season, I would say that the bank is very much open.

One last piece of advice: Don't think. Don't blink. Don't do anything at all when Stephen Moffat is holding the reigns. Just listen.  And watch, of course, as Doctor Who goes in exciting new directions.