Previewing Titanfall: Beta Impressions

written by Jay Hammon (@Gravity_Flux)

Betas aren’t what they used to be. I remember when getting into a beta was a big deal and was exciting; sneak peeks and gameplay for a new exciting game but for only the select few. I haven’t really been excited for an open beta for quite some time and to be honest I didn’t really care about the Titan Fall beta either… until I downloaded it and signed in. It’s all over with now. By that I mean the beta is over and I mean my lack of excitement for them is over. This beta has me excited for my next-gen Xbox One like I haven’t been since I opened the box. This beta has me excited to play a mech game like I haven’t been since I played Mech Warrior 2 on my PC back in the day. THIS beta has me amped, jittery and ready to blast through some sugar crazed hours of chaos like that time I was locked in a cupcake shop with a horde of zombies. March 11th can’t come soon enough for me.


The beta runs you through a simple but enjoyable tutorial on the game play mechanics before you jump into the beautiful world of Titan Fall. The beta was looking good and the world was immersive. If you were fortunate enough to spend some time in Angel City or Fracture, the two levels we were granted access to, than you have an idea of how nice the finished product should be. I spent most of my time on these levels playing Attrition which is their team slayer variant where you start as your pilot and eventually get to hop into your mech. Watching your mech suit comet out of the sky and crash land is an awesome sight but often times the site of a suit landing becomes combat central. I also clocked a few hours playing Last Titan Standing where players start in their mechs and play till all of the opposing mechs are destroyed. You’re free to hop in and out of your mech as you see fit. As your pilot you can use parkour and a jetpack to navigate the world to better aid your team in taking down mechs, pilots and their NPC army. The more of the game you played the more you would unlock for your pilot and mech. You would also start to earn ‘burn cards’. These are selectable items you pick before the match starts and then use during the match for an advantage whether it be equipment or some other perk. Once used that card is gone so like Indiana Jones you must choose wisely.


I haven’t enjoyed a mech game in longer than I care to admit which is why, initially, Titan Fall wasn’t even on my radar but this beta changed all of that. I’m stoked for Titan Fall’s release and the hours I’ll log with friends battling it out as we freerun and blast our way into heroic legends. If you are still not sure about Titan Fall and missed out on the beta I’d suggest convincing a friend to pick it up so you can try it out once the game launches early next month… and then you can pick up your own copy.

Keep your eyes on Lifted Geek for our full comprehensive review of the finished product next month!