Dj CUTMAN Interview at SGC2013 [audio]

Dj CUTMAN Interview at SGC2013 [audio]


written by Justin Prince (@prince_justin

Well here's a treat for you fellow g33ks! Last month when I ventured down to Dallas, TX for the Screwattack Gaming Con, I had the esteemed pleasure to sit down and spend a little bit of time chatting it up with Dj CUTMAN the night before his set. But first, I should probably tell you a bit about the bloke before we get too into this. 

"Cutman was a nickname that one of my recording clients had given me when he saw me cut his vocal takes by eye"

Dj CUTMAN is a DJ specializing in remixes of video game music, primarily chip tune music. Fairly new to the scene, he's already established a pretty big following having performed at various high profile conventions like Magfest and PAX. His style is pretty unique and as I said above, he specializes in remixing chip tune music from some pretty classic game franchises.


Check out this audio interview and keep an eye on our Facebook page (have you liked us yet?) because we'll be giving away the NESteryears album he spoke about in the interview. Don't forget to check out his website at, his record label and like his Facebook page as well. Stay Classy folks, and get lifted. 

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