Future Injustice DLC? Ed Boon wants to know!


written by Justin Prince (@Prince_Justin)

So Ed Boon wants to know who you would (hypothetically) want as future DLC for Injustice: Gods Among Us.  

  • Blue Beetle
  • Doctor Fate
  • Power Girl
  • Red Hood
  • Static Shock
  • Swamp Thing
  • Zatanna

He posted up a survey and announced it on twitter. Now this isn't a confirmation, since they've already launched Lobo and announced Batgirl but with the "season pass" formula seeming to be the norm, this could be fodder for what would be "season two".

I'm a huge fan of Injustice  and bought into the season pass. I don't know who'll be the next two of the first four DLC characters, but I predict that they already have the next two planned and anyone on this poll would not be included in this first season of DLC. Obviously missing is Martian Manhunter, Ed Boon stated on twitter why, my personal opinion is that Manhunter will be either the next or the fourth piece of DLC.


Personally, I voted for Red Hood. I'm a huge Batman fan and would love to see a good speed based/gadget fighter with the range of firearms. I'm also torn because I would also like to see Power Girl and Zatanna, the Injustice  roster already seems quite a bit male centric and more of DCU's ladies would be a great addition! Aside from these shown in the survey, a few others I'd love to see as future DLC characters include Black Mask, Huntress, Arsenal, Red Tornado, Captain Atom, Vandal Savage, and General Zod. The success of the game so far could see more characters coming, though I do hope they don't go the "cameo" route and somehow throw Scorpion or Sub-Zero in there. While I appreciate how this game "feels" like an MK game with it's own flavor, actually having MK characters in it would feel very out of place.

Anyway g33ks, go vote! Who would you want from that list? Hit up the survey and sound off in the comments. For our original review to Injustice: Gods Among Us  check it here! Get lifted.