What I'm Reading: Fanboys vs. Zombies #13


written by Justin Prince (@prince_justin)

It's a new year... a new dawn... a new day... and a new FvZ arc. Keeping up with me here g33ks? If you haven't gotten around to it yet... please, please, please, please check out this awesome series! Find the trades at your local comic shop or go digital and buy them via comiXology (personal favorite!!). Anyway! Back to the lesson at hand. It's a new arc and FvZ 13 went all outer space on it... no for real... all OUTER SPACE. Last we checked, Kurt had pulled a dick move and (seemingly?) killed Kyle and Missy, they are now at a Military Compound looking for Kurt's brother and hopefully a cure for this all.  

This issue was quite a bit different than issues past, basically it was playing out each little side story in reverse. The opening panels showcase a group of scientists who somehow survived and made it to a space station. A pod from earth is heading to the station and the survivors there are readying for some zombie killing... but who's in there? If you read issue 12, the end showed the Wrecking Crew (+Kurt) stumbling upon a NASA space pod. Is it the crew?

As the story progresses along, there's some zombie killing and (NOT) zombie killing, while it was mostly likely used to surprise and effect, I did see it coming. A zombie that Kurt was instructing Burger and Amanda not to kill was none other than his brother. It's a common plot device in zombie lit but was well executed here.


Again the crew touched on an earlier moment everyone made out with everyone. Let me clarify, in an earlier issue a member of the wrecking crew (who no longer is part of present company) was bit pretty badly, but seemingly he was immune to the virus/bacteria/voodoo magic. So they figure that if everyone just kisses someone who isn't infected, then somehow the immunity is passed on. This was proven after Rob was bitten and the "kiss of immunity" kept him from joining the Cosplaying Dead.

It was hinted at in earlier issues, but this issue pits Rob and Brendan directly at each other's throats. While Rob was missing from the crew most of the later half of the first 10 issues, when Jenna ran off, having Brendan around kept her alive and safe. Both obviously have feelings for her (she seems otherwise oblivious to Brendan's though) and both butt heads a bit during this issue. It's a fun take on rivalry over the heart of a lady, I digs.

In all the commotion; Burger, Kurt, and Amanda end up on that earlier mentioned space pod. This solves the mystery of who's in the pod. But I wonder where this story will go? It feels like they JUST got reunited and bit by bit they are being separated again. I like it, this issue trudged a little bit slow for me, maybe it was the breakneck pace of the last one, but I do look forward to what's next. As an added bit, in the rattling of bodies in anti-grav, Kurt's zombie buddy tried to make a meal out of Burger, he only ate his hair, but yanking at it did leave a bit of a gash. Methinks this will be explored when the trio makes it up to the space station, perhaps a tale of is he or isn't he bitten?

The ones left behind, who knows what's next? But I can pretty much be sure that Rob and Brendan fighting over Jenna will continue on a bit. Personally I like Jenna with Rob, always felt like they belonged together, they're my FvZ OTP!