Persona 4 Coming to PS3 on April 8th...

... though not how you likely hope it will.

Hands down this was one of my favorite games ever! I have poured over 100+ hours into it on my PS2 and did the same on my PSVita with Persona 4 Golden. But now those who never played the original or ever get a chance to play the Vita version have that chance.

But what's coming is a PS2 Classic...

This is NOT Persona 4 Golden. It will NOT have the updated visuals nor will it have the Marie story arc or any of the additional content from P4G. A little disappointing, I was hoping for a port of P4G and would have gladly bought it again to play it in GLORIOUS HD. But for those who don't have a PS Vita (why not? you should have one) you have your chance to play it. But if you want my opinion, shell out the cash for a Vita and play Golden. By far it was the BEST version of the game ever and aside from the cramps from looking at a tiny screen and holding that Vita... you will be a happy camper. Check the links below to buy my suggestions... otherwise, wait til April 8th for the PS2 Classic to drop on the PlayStation store.

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