Sailor Moon and Dr. Who Mashup: The Transformation

This was definitely the last thing I would have expected to see as far as mash ups go and it was pretty hilarious and random.  As a current Sailor Moon fan (HUGE fan), I thought this was quite a creative mash up, and I don't even watch Doctor Who. Considering Doctor Who seems to wave around this little stick, Sailor Moon also did wave around a little stick so I can see why DeviantArtist walanganumanpo decided to create this! He even included a background story for this transformation:

Imagine it’s the first episode of Sailor Who. John Smith is a regular high school boy except that he has always have had the feeling that there is more than just this reality: that there are vast worlds beyond the sky - flying through time and space. Then one evening, he sees a spark in the night sky, he follows it and sees a capsule - a U.F.O. It opens! And there lies a dying creature - an alien, a survivor of the invasion of his home planet - who gives him the sonic screwdriver. Now, he must use it to protect his beloved Planet Earth for alien invaders are about to come - he must become The Doctor!
— walanganumanpo

via walanganumanpo
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