Meet Andy: The MLP Cat Model

I love cats, and I love when they tolerate and still love you even after you put a whole crocheted Flash costume on them.  I came across this one cat on earlier whose owner created My Little Pony head pieces out of paper ! These were actually very nicely drawn and colored (with crayons?) and when I saw Andy modeling for the Mane Six with these paper head pieces on, I hella LOL-ed.  He is obviously a wonderful rescue cat, you can see it in his eyes just how much love he would give to you.  On top of that, his tolerance for paper head pieces is pretty funny too :)

The owner created yet another set of MLP characters for Andy, including Opalescence - haha a cat wearing a cat head piece ;)

I wanted to feature this cat AND since the third season of MLP is coming soon (NEXT MONTH!), I just gotta post more MLP stuff :) Enjoy!!

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