Gaming Through Lillian's Life

I came across this hilarious comic on outlining the life of a gamer from childhood to adult hood.  Scroll below to see the whole comic!! When I read through the "childhood" panel, I couldn't help but laugh because I used to do the same thing with my younger brother.  I remember when Pokemon (red/blue) came out, I would play the main story lines, but hell training my pokemon was boring!!! So.. I'd always give my little baby brother a "chance" to play by only training my pokemon!  He didn't mind, since he enjoyed it, but I feel bad thinking back on it, knowing I didn't want to let him move forward with the story line AT ALL because it was my game. Of course, when my parents saw this, they did something that taught me a lesson.

For Christmas, I wanted a yellow Gameboy color and the new Pokemon Yellow game.  Turns out they gave my brother those two gifts... boy was I all "WTF!"  Well, it did teach me a lesson, AND it also pissed them off when they realized how addicted he became.   I did play a lot, but my parents didn't take away my games nearly as much as they had to for my little brother.

Come teen hood - yes the swearing came out.  Fucking Zubats. I'm pretty sure I bit my game boy. Yes.  Teeth.  Bite.  Angry asian RAWR. I ... don't recall trying to look at naked people through PC gaming... what IS this? Do boys really do that?? 

Early adult hood (now), I've mainly focused more on console gaming (PS3) and not much hand held even though I own a PSP.  I can't say I relate too much to this panel, but I know plenty of others that do ;) You know, when you play CoD or Modern Warfare - you shit talk like no other and hella throw your controller at your TV when you get shot by the same guy for the 10th time.  Yes you know who you are.

And the adult hood panel just shows an old man... I'm definitely not an old woman yet, no gray hairs, but I just to set things straight - I'm gonna be the one on the console, and MY kid is gonna be the one begging.  JUST SAYING.

Seeing this made me think a lot of my selfish, gaming days.  In fact, just under 2 years ago when I was finishing up my Master's Thesis, I'd leave work (as in graduate research work) early to "work from home" but instead crawled into bed with my PS3 controller and played FF13.  It wasn't under 5 hrs later I would actually start writing my thesis.  This went on for weeks, and then I aced my defense and got my Masters.  That's why they call me Master Wong.

 I wanted to share this comic because as a Lifted Geek, we ALL can relate to this :)  I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did! 

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