I am... The Little One

4'8 is pretty little ya? My main goal as a kawaii little cosplayer is to make sure that I don't look like I'm wearing big people clothes and that everything looks proportional.  It's quite a challenge when I used to have to have my cosplay commissioned... regardless of custom tailoring, sometimes it just doesn't look right, which why I will start making my own cosplay.  I've started making my own props 2 years ago and it was FUN.

I'll be starting a cosplay page dedicated to showing the world that hey, little people can cosplay too - just as long as we don't stand next to normal sized people it's all good... ;)

The Little One will be the name of my page but I will go by Riri. Or ... vice versa... I haven't decided.  I hope that you all can support me and like my page when that comes! Watch my progressuuu with my cosplay and hope that whatever I do, I won't look like a disproportionate midget.