Squee! I have a [cosplay] page now!


I hope that with this I can show the world that being vertically challenged that I can still [try] to make cosplay beautiful on me! Of course, unless... I stand next to someone really tall...

It was funny because at Sakura Con, while waiting for the Cosplay Contest, I ran into a Saber cosplayer in the suit variant.  I took a photo with her but it was funny, she went, "Iri is suppose to be taller than Saber! I'll crouch :) "  haha it was funny. I never take offense to things like that because I am actually very anal when it comes to accuracy and details.. so it does come as a challenge for me when I cosplay characters that probably more average height than below average.  But who says height matters? Haha I'll bring a stool if I have to!

Anyways, please 'like' my page!