I AM RIRI-N! RAWR. =^.^=

Riri-N? There is a story behind that, in fact there are two stories behind where that comes from.  The first story: My name is Lillian, as you may not know, and because I am Asian and totally able to pronounce my R's, my friends still like to call me Rirrian. Which then can derivatize into Riri ("Lily").  That is the first story. The second story:  a grown man once addressed me as Lily-N on a Valentine (was he serious? Yes, yes he was) because he didn't know how to spell the name Lillian.  I found it cute, and actually very creative and while one of my biggest pet peeve is spelling my name wrong (Lilian vs Lillian), Lily-N was so far butchered from the original, I decided to love it.  Hence, Riri-N came around.  It's like, Rirrian, but because someone didn't know how to spell Rirrian, it is spelled as Riri-N instead. 

Anyway that was the introduction to my name, and now I should probably introduce my actually first real blog post on Lifted Geek! So here's the deal.  I am:

  • A Chemist
  • A Cosplayer
  • A Crocheter
  • A Cat lover

Who knew my life would be dominated by C's.  And L's. Live, Love, and Laugh (blog post name).  I love to cosplay and would be documenting my progress on certain projects.  I also crochet - so my blogs will have brief photos of things I've made, and then maybe silly photos of my cat because he sits on everything I do.  Me as a Chemist, well..... That's just to balance out all my craziness  you can see it gets progressively worse as you go down the C list ;) But hey, I'm living the life, I'm loving what I do, and I literally laugh all the time so I'm overall a pretty happy person.

I hope you enjoy my future posts as a normal human being who loves all things geeky! Stay tuned!!