WOW! I haven't posted here in a while...

... but hey now. I wanted to be able to keep our fans up to date with what really goes on with me the person... not simply Justin Prince the co-Founder of Lifted Geek, but me the guy behind the screen.

So... rando dando! I wrote some random poetry today. It's been a while since I wrote something... in fact almost 6 or 7 years I think? Typed as I was checking into my yoga studio, the inspiration just hit me so I wanted to share it with you guys...

I have been practicing yoga for going on 4 years now and has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I used to be pretty fat and one of the best choices I made was to start actually taking care of my body/health and being serious about my health.

My turning point was having my doctor tell me that unless I did something drastic I would be forced to be on three different medications to manage my high blood pressure, hypertension, and also I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes... scary stuff for a 28 year old to hear.

Fitness is a pretty major part of my life... hence why I am so passionate about my yoga practice... SO! Here is that random poem I wrote.

Sixty minutes of __________

This is why I yoga,
The escape,
Outside my body,
Outside my mind,
Everything just ___________

This is why I yoga,
Every worry,
Every stress,
Every anything just ___________

This is why I yoga,
Sixty minutes with myself,
Sixty minutes alone with a group,
Sixty minutes of just ___________

This is why I yoga,
Just ___________