First post!

Sup g33ks! Here's a simple little thing new that we're doing. We figured that we wanted you folks to really know more about who we are, not just from our articles about gaming and cosplay (plus all other things geeky). So, hi! I'm Justin Prince... but that  isn't exactly my real name. As a person, my name is Justin Macandog, I'm from Seattle and love it here in the emerald city. Aside from geeky hobbies, I'm an avid yogi (been practicing for almost 3 years), a fitness enthusiast, I love fashion and technology.

One online community I contribute to regularly is I'm an avid Yelper and part of Seattle's ELITE squad... which basically means I eat out alot and love a hot new restaurant.

This blog will be randomly updated here and there, nothing too major but keep an eye on it.

Justin Prince