Geek Chic on the Street: Ai Rika is Outta this World!

written by Justin Prince (@prince_justin)

Sometimes going to as many conventions, tradeshows, geek themed events as we do at Lifted Geek... the attendees can surprise you. Not in the the "pull-a-FNAF-jump-scare" surprise, but more like "hot damn what you're wearing is pretty on point" surprise.

Much like how other blogs feature the unique fashion of people on the streets of [insert metropolitan city here] this segment will be much like it... except with a geeky sort of twist. For this first one, I wanted to spotlight a friend of the site and all around bad-ass Ai Rika. She's an accomplished cosplayer with a full resume of amazing work... but on top of that, she's pretty damned fashionable and looks out of this world in these galaxy print pants.

Colorful and playful, she looks great in this comfy/casual con crawling cut of couture. Expect more random posts like this as we go to more events. Stay frosty and make sure to follow Ai Rika on facebook!

outta this world at PAX Prime


the goods:

top: superorange
bottoms: Rue21
shoes: Jeremy Scott Adidas