About Justin Prince

Hi! I'm Justin! It's no secret how nerdy I am, I was that kid who never really grew out of that phase in my life, and honestly I love that part of me. I'm geeky and proud of it! Sure I can dress to the nines and paint the town red with a lovely lady on my arm, but I also can use an entire day chasing a magical dragon that doesn't exist! I'm just as much geeky as I am otherwise. Other than the more traditional nerdy hobbies, I love tattoos and cooking/baking, I'm unapologetically a fashion whore

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About Riri

Hi! I’m Riri. By day I am a chemist, and by night I am a gamer, cosplayer, crocheter, and a cat lover!  I enjoy mainly RPG games, and I love to cosplay from my favorite anime every year. I received my Masters in Chemistry at Washington State University, but since I attended the University of Washington for my undergrad, I have never lost my Husky pride. Get me a hard cider and I'm a happy nerd!


About Lauren

Lauren never really sits in front of the camera or in photos but her contributions are just as much integral to Lifted Geek. She is our videographer and video editor. Since both Prince and Riri aren't really that savvy with the video editing and FIB is... well, a cat... that's where Lauren comes in. IRL she is Justin Prince's baby sister so be nice or the Prince will descend upon ya with righteous judgement. Check out her personal YouTube channel


About FIBBY (LFTDG33k mascot!)

Meow! I’m Focused Ion Beam! Also known as F.I.B., but you can call me Fibby.  I am a boy, and I love to chase laser pointers, shadows, and flying feather objects! My master dresses me up warm in yarn clothing sometimes, but as long as it doesn’t keep me from catching my prey, it’s all good.  I hate being alone, but when my master comes home I demand lots of face kisses and hugs! I can do tricks for you if you have treats for me.  I love catnip, but I swear I don’t inhale. I just eat it =^.^= Meow!



Justin Prince | co-Founding Editor
Riri | co-Founding Editor


Andre Nelson | Head Photographer
Lauren "Geek in the Chic" | Lead Videographer
Festung Media (Josef Wilke, Antonio Dileo, Conrad Wrobel) | Creative Team
Brydan Clough-Smith | Photograher
Jacob Chimilar | Photographer/Writer
Katheryn Allen | Photographer
Jennifer "Hacksaw Jenny" Costello | Writer/Correspondent
Mackensie Baker | Writer
Jay Hammon | Writer
Savi-chan | Writer/Correspondent
Omar Castillon | Writer/Correspondent
Heather Finley | Writer
Jessica Edwards | Writer
Vanna Zaragoza | Writer
Gira Van Buren | Writer/Correspondent
Jonathan Paik | Writer/Photographer
Miss Marquin | Writer/Correspondent
Celeste Tainari B | Writer/Correspondent
Chris Kwock | Photographer/Writer
Essie Charm | Writer/Correspondent
Harlowe Quinn | Writer/Correspondent
Elicia J. Soderstrom | Writer
Brianna D. Jackson | Writer
Ninja Dee | Writer/Cosplayer
Stef Rider | Writer/Correspondent
Jordan Renee | Writer/Correspondent
Salazar S. | Writer
Lashonne Boo | Princess
Kim Gelera | Princess
Kaze~ | Manry Princess
Leili'a Silva | Artist
Nori "Pop Crimes" | Artist
Mimi | Artist